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Aulos Garklein Recorder 501S Symphony - Piccolo

by Aulos
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16.5 cm


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2.2 cm

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Short Description

Aulos Garklein recorders are made of highly resilient ABS plastic and feature a one-piece design.

Garklein recorders are the smallest recorder available and occupy the c''' – a'''' register – one octave higher than Descant (Soprano) recorders. These piccolo recorders sound two octaves higher than notated and are commonly used to add variety and tone colour to a recorder consort. They also make for excellent starter recorders for children given their small size – generally around 16cm in length.

Aulos 501S Garklein Symphony - Key Features

  • Tone: Clear and even tone. Sounds two octaves higher than notated.
  • Design: One-piece. Straight windway. Patented AULOS “cavity wall” design.
  • Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory 
  • Suitable for: To add variety and tone color to a recorder consort. Excellent starter recorders for children
  • Register: c''' – a''''
  • Fingering: Baroque (English)
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Accessories: Leatherette bag.
  • Length: 16.5cm.