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Baroni Miniamp Doug Aldrich Signature 120W RMS

by Foxgear
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When the great Doug Aldrich or any player plugs into these top-of-the line, 2 channel, Baroni Lab Mini-Amp series they love it.

The Doug Aldrich Signature Mini-Amp 120w is 120w of real power, not peak, not music… 120w rms at 4ohms. It is capable of huge, warm tube like glassy cleans and blistering Plexi-like overdrives. More than enough for any setting and loaded with features and portability.

The 100w brother of this amp was exclusively used by Doug Aldrich on all of the Dead Daisies recordings on their latest album recorded in Nashville. It offers a no-compromise 120 watts of highly efficient class D power at 4ohms, or just over 60w at 8ohm. Baroni Lab R&D was committed in the development of the Mini-Amp’s output level and frequency range, with the determination to produce a lightweight amp that a professional would not be afraid to take on stage, yet intuitive enough that almost anyone could plug and play.

The Mini Amp is truly a 4 in 1: a preamp, a 120 watt guitar amp, and an overdrive-distortion pedal with cab simulator. Baroni Lab challenges anyone to find such features in a professionally engineered amp that will ALSO fit in your guitar’s gig bag.

The DLA Mini-Amp, operating with its 30volt power supply, is capable of delivering up to 120 blistering watts from a footprint slightly larger than a man’s wallet. It features all that you want without the fluff; effects loop, separate cabinet simulation, bass, mid & treble controls, gain and gain volume controls. The rock-solid technological engineering with a solid aluminum housing reinforces the DLA’s powerful, mule-kick in the chest low end. Highs and mids are detailed, with lush harmonics and an attack that the player can immediately feel.

The Baroni Lab DLA Mini-Amp demonstrates what their research and development can accomplish when time and development constraints are taken off, and proves that a small amp can hold its own on stage.

General Details
Controls: Drive, Drive Volume, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Return, Speaker out, Cabinet simulation, Bypass footswitch
Power Supply: 30V Power Adapter
Dimensions: 125(W) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 98(D) mm