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Foxgear T7E BABY (4 Heads Stereo Vintage Italian Echo)

by Foxgear
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£199.00 - £199.00
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After the great success of the Foxgear Echosex Baby, we pushed our next project the FOXGEAR T7E BABY to the max, expanding on the features of our famous “Binson-inspired” circuit, plus with the complete palette of options that the original Binson Echorec T7E offered, with a full 4 Heads combination, STEREO ENGINE, Three working modes: Echo, Repeat, Swell, and the ability to recall the Swell mode as a “preset” with a dedicated footswitch.

Size: The new FOXGEAR T7E Baby enclosure makes it one of most pedal board-friendly of the “Binson-inspired” pedals: only 3,5” x 5”! (9 x 13cm)

Connections: The FOXGEAR T7E Baby is equipped with full Stereo Input & Output, and an internal stereo engine that works on a phase and split-frequency, resulting in an unbelievable stereo 3D effect for an outstanding and lush ambient tone.

Switching: Now available with 2 footswitches handling bypass, that is a real True Bypass assisted by relay, that lets you put it at the end of your chain between stereo pedals, and a very useful SWELL footswitch, to immediately recall the swell mode (reverb) in order to have two different presets for your ambient/echo tone.

Motor Speed adjust: Along with the other cool features of the old Echosex Baby, we’ve added this control, that lets you increase the overall delay time, you can mimic a slowered speed of the magnetic drum. This allows the FOXGEAR T7EBaby over 800ms of long, lush delay, keeping the 4 heads in sync, no matter what combination of head you are using.

General Details
Power In: 9/12VDC (negative TIP)
Consumption at 9V: 140 mA
Input Impedance: <=1M Ohm
Output Impedance: <=10K Ohm
Width: 127mm. (5”)
Length: 90mm. (3,5”)
Height: 30mm. (1,2”)
Power Supply: Not Included