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Powerwerks 6 Channel Mixer with Digital Effects

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The PW6EFX draws on decades of electronic design and manufacturing experience of Powerwerks. This model was built from the ground up offering useful features, high signal-to-noise ratio, and reliable performance.

• Digital Effects
• 6 Individual Mic/Line Input and Channels 
• Phantom Power
• Compact Size – Only 3.5lbs
• Rugged, Gig Ready Design
• POWERLINK IN/OUT for Expanding Your Powerwerks Tower System
• Main and Monitor Outputs

Mic XLR Balanced. Line Level 1/4" Unbalanced
Nominal Line Level of -10 dBV

Signal to Noise Ratio
74 dB, All controls set at maximum unclipped level, bandwidth 22 kHz

System Gain @ 1 kHz
21 dB, Line Input to Master Output
38 db, MIC Input to Master Output

Channel EQ (high, low)
2.6 kHz and above, 0.9kHz and below
Low boost/cut: +/- 9.8 dB at 63 Hz
High boost/cut: +/- 2.0 dB at 8.0 Hz

IN: Accepts a pre-master volume signal from other PowerWerks products, or a line level input from another audio product
Recommended use: Daisy chaining to another PW6FEX for expanding the number of channels

OUT: Exports a pre-master volume signal to other PowerWerks products
Recommended use: Linking to any PowerWerks powered speakers or daisy chaining to another PW6EFX

Phantom Power
17 V, Available on all MIC inputs. Current limited to 5 mA

Power Requirements
18 Vdc, Wall adapter included

Reverb, 24-bit digital