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Ti Violin Set (TI01, TI02, TI03, TI04) 4/4

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0.0215 kg


10.5 cm


1 cm


10.5 cm

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Short Description

Part of Thomastik Infeld's Luthier Series, Ti strings are all-around, top quality strings that combine a beautifully warm sound with excellent string to string balance.

They settle in quickly and allow the true tonal colours of instruments to shine through naturally. They perform well on many instruments and are therefore an excellent choice for workshops and luthiers to fit to a wide array of repaired and newly set-up instruments.

With excellent pitch stability, a comfortable left-hand feeling and a focused sound, Ti strings are also particularly popular among chamber musicians and orchestra players.

Key features:

• Excellent pitch stability

• Highlights the true colors of your instrument

• Comfortable left hand feeling

• Focused sound