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Aroma ADX-30 Digital Drum or Keyboard Amplifier 30w

by Aroma
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Electronic drum monitor speakers.

Newly upgraded monitor speakers specially made for percussion.

Long lasting battery life.

Charging once, full power can be used for 6-8 hours.6.5-inch full-range speaker.

6.5 inch full-range speaker.

Restore real drum sounds.

Classic look cool punk style.

High-end leather exterior design, large volume output, not afraid of noisy outdoor environments, rich sound details, clean and pleasant sound quality.

3C Certified speakers.

With two channels you can play along to your favourite backing tracks when practicing at home or connect another device such as a keyboard or another electronic drum kit, Channel 1 is a mono input and Channel 2 is for stereo instruments or devices. The two band EQ allows you to sculpt your sound and separate Volume controls for your inputs make sure you get a good balance.



Power Output: 30W

Power Consumption: 40W

Input Impedance Ch. 1: 68K

Input Impedance Ch. 2: 68K

Bass: 15dB @ 60Hz

Treble: 15dB @ 10kHz

CD Input: -10dBv (1/8\" TRS mini-jack)

Speaker : Coaxial (10 inch Woof+1 inch Tweeter)

Dimensions: 430(H) x 390(W) x 340(D) mm

Net Weight: 12kg