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Aulos Descant Recorder 103N Alouette

by Aulos
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3.2 cm

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The Aulos collection of Descant recorders (also known as 'Soprano' recorders) are made of highly resilient ABS plastic and come in a variety of colours, fingerings and intonations.

Descant recorders are the most well-known models in the recorder family and are commonly used as first instruments in schools due to their relatively small finger spacing and ease of playing. They make for excellent ensemble instruments. Occupying the c'' – d'''' register, they are usually played as the highest voice in four-part ensembles.

Decant recorders use the most common fingering system - Baroque (English) fingering - unless otherwise noted.

Aulos Descant 103N Alouette - Key Features

  • Tone: Clear and bright tone.
  • Design: One-piece. Curved windway. Patented AULOS “cavity wall” design.
  • Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory.
  • Suitable for: Classroom, ensemble and solo playing. Fixed thumb rest makes easy in handling and fingering for beginners.
  • Register: c’’ – d’’’’
  • Fingering: Baroque (English)
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Accessories: Vinyl bag.
  • Length: 32.3cm