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Trevor James EVO Tenor Sax Outfit - Gold Lacquer

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The 'EVO' saxophone is a development of previous models, building on the qualities of the Horn 88 and incorporating many of the design features of the original SR model. This sax can be categorized as a high-level student/intermediate sax, but it should be noted that many of its crook and mechanism features are designed downwards from the original SR models. The EVO has rich tonal characteristics with plenty of projection.

Professionally designed crook modifications producing a wide and open sound • Strengthened crook receiver • Larger body bore for excellent projection • Redesigned rounded keywork with dished table keys for a faster, smoother playing action • Professionally designed key tail assemblies for additional venting stability • Top quality Italian leather pads • Metal pad reflectors which give a dynamic & full bodied tone with crisp attack • Blue needle springs • Designed and set-up in our pro-sax workshop in Lenham, Kent • Top quality Impact case • Neck strap, mouthpiece, ligature and cap included

How does it Feel & Sound?

• Professionally designed crook modifications typically found on more expensive horns – resulting in an incredibly free blowing instrument that feels exciting to play.
• Features top-quality leather pads for a responsive and comfortable key touch – rewards fast playing by delivering excellent note intonation.
• Rounded keywork featuring blue needle springs for a very natural key action that is particularly smooth and light to the touch.
• A focused and full-bodied tone when moving up and down the range.
• High-quality components work together outstandingly to deliver a quality tone with a crisp attack.